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need a new title.

since i’m done with the first leg of my journey … writing a novel and becoming published, i figure it’s time to figure out where this blog’s headed and what to call it. (not the web address … just the title and description) also, i’ll have an actual, real website up soon. the weebly one

Help:: Does Anyone Know This Picture???

If you have ever seen this picture anywhere or know who made it or where I might find who did, please email me!!!   I need to find out … I’m desperate lol Thank you!!!   p.s. also, if you have ANY idea how to get work done when Shadowfever is sitting right next to

My New Pitch.

the hook:: Visions of another dimension usher a young woman through an adventure of immorality, virtue, and self-discovery. * * * the pitch:: Alexis has always experienced intense dreams. They used to be all sunshine and rainbows, but lately they’ve entered a much darker, depraved realm. The dreams are actually visions, intended to prepare her