blake’s POV.

i wrote this for a giveagirl prompt (my own, actually).
it helped me get into the next scene i needed to write.
this isn’t actually a part of the book, though..


Blake hung up the phone with a sinking feeling in his stomach.

What could Alexis want? Last night she blew me off, and now she wants to talk?

He paced around his bedroom, staring at the masses of band posters plastered on every wall. When it seemed as if he couldn’t wait any longer, Blake heard a knock on the door. It slowly opened, and Alexis stood there, cautiously peeking her head in the room.

“Hey, you. Your mom let me in. Is that alright?” She had a slight smile on her face.

“Yeah, yeah. Sure. Whatever. Come sit down and shut the door.” Blake was both angry and elated at the sight of Alexis. His girlfriend was so beautiful. Practically perfect. Every time he even thought of her, he couldn’t believe how lucky he was. So why am I always picking fights with her? What’s wrong with me?

Alexis wandered over to Blake’s bed, then seemed to think better of it, and chose the director’s chair by the stereo instead. She plopped down in the seat and sighed deeply. After looking at her feet for a minute, she lifted her head and met Blake’s eyes. He had stopped pacing and stood waiting for her to move, to speak–anything.

The look on Alexis’ face was unbearable. Her eyes broke Blake’s heart the instant they left her worn-out sandals.

Please. No. Don’t leave me. I love you more than you know! he thought.

“Please. Don’t do this, babe. We can make this work,” is what he said.

Alexis kept her mouth shut, looking intently at her beau, while he futilely hoped she would forever stay silent. He knew he could change. She just needed to give him the chance….

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