technically, this belongs under “post & such from elsewhere,” but it’s from avalon so i’m putting it here, as blake and alexis were feeling lonely. gotta have some good heart tug-of-war action going on…
this was from giveagirlapen.
the prompt was — how your character felt the first time they held someone’s hand.

so, here ya go::


“You really have that much confidence in me?” Alexis asked, as she reached her hand across the small diner table to touch Sloane. She didn’t even care what the answer was. Still fascinated that he was the first fae she’d encountered with skin exactly like her own, all she wanted to do was stare at him forever.

He gave her an answer, anyway. “You should know I do. You should know everything I’m thinking, Kellyn.”

Alexis couldn’t bring herself to look away from their hands. She was afraid of the look she might—or worse, might not—see in his crisp, blue eyes.

Sloane slowly turned his palm up and laced his fingers through Alexis’ from underneath. The electricity they both felt was undeniable. Alexis had waited years to feel this with Blake, and now she knew why it had never happened.

“I think I do. Yeah.” With a deep breath, she drew on her strength and looked at Sloane‘s eyes, and found herself lost in them.