well, not all. but enough…. =)

here’s how this blog started (almost two years ago!) ::

So, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, I am a writer.  An aspiring author, actually. (Don’t you just love alliteration?)

I have always written in journals and I adore writing essays, etc…  I was an English Literature major in college so that turned me off from reading for about ten years, but I’m back in the game with that.  I’m already extremely close to my yearly goal of pages to be read and it’s only two months into the year!!

Anyway,  I just recently decided to give writing a novel a shot.  I feel I have a great idea and I have the capability to do so…..so, here I am!!  I only started 3 wks ago (as of 3.4.09) and have already spent countless hours researching the mythology I’m basing the book on as well as actually writing three chapters of the book.  I’d like to meet people who want to read my work and vice versa. I need as much advice as I can get before I finish the book and go about the publishing process.

I’m here to document the process and my progress for myself as well as for feedback, obviously..  So, any comments (good or bad – just please be constructive rather than mean) will be greatly appreciated – and, I will most certainly return the favor to anyone who is interested.

Thanks for checking out my page, and I hope to get to know some of you soon!!!

* * *

update:: (7.18.10) so the book is finally finished and i’m submitting. starting the second book, as well. a lot has happened over the past year. i began blogging for ifyougiveagirlapen.com and writing freelance articles. i also became a regular contributor to fuelyourwriting.com, which led to an editing position there…something i’ve always wanted to do. in fact, it’s what i went to college for.

i’ve learned a lot over the past year and made many connections—and great friends— and i’m more in love with writing than i ever thought possible. i already thought it was the best thing in the world, but now i’m sincerely convinced!!
thanks to all who’ve read (although i haven’t posted much…on here, at least…in quite a while).
i appreciate it all!! love on ya! -e*

* * *

update:: (2.7.11)
don’t really feel i have to update since it’s all on the blog itself, but whatever’s written above (idk…haven’t read it in a while) is, i’m sure, not accurate.
so, here’s my status now::
the abandoned edge is being published
the mischievous magic is being written
cover is finished
scared to death of what comes next.
…that about sums it up!! :P