need a new title.

since i’m done with the first leg of my journey … writing a novel and becoming published, i figure it’s time to figure out where this blog’s headed and what to call it. (not the web address … just the title and description)

also, i’ll have an actual, real website up soon. the weebly one was just for fun to see what it’d do as far as stats.
so, i need to decide how that will figure in with all of this.

basically, i’m just confused as hell.
i’ve no clue where to go from here. i feel like luigi in super mario 2 — jumping up high, flailing around and kicking my legs, but not really moving too far forward. at least not at this exact moment.

i do, though, have my book cover finished, or rather, my friend does. well, except for the text on the back.
i hate all my pitches and need to decide what to put back there. and i need to do it soon b/c we’re both DYING to show off the awesomeness that is this cover. seriously…

i have a lot to blog about and have a few posts started that i’m hoping to finish and publish soon.

i must admit, the grass is a bit greener but i think i left my glasses on the other side of the fence because it’s all kinda fuzzy….

now that i have no clue what i said, i’m off to sleep because i’ve been fighting it for 4 1/2 hrs with no real reason.
maybe a title will come to me in a dream ;)

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