My New Pitch.

the hook::
Visions of another dimension usher a young woman through an adventure of immorality, virtue, and self-discovery.

* * *

the pitch::
Alexis has always experienced intense dreams. They used to be all sunshine and rainbows, but lately they’ve entered a much darker, depraved realm.

The dreams are actually visions, intended to prepare her for the truth. The reason she’s felt so different since she was a child…
Avalon, an other-world where faeries live, is her real home. Brought into the human realm when she was born, she’s lived that life for twenty-four years.
But now it’s time to venture back with her kind.

A horrible evil has been brewing — waiting just for her.
Something is killing humans and she’s the only one who can stop it.

While attempting to do so, and learn her new place in the universe, she meets up with other, helpful fae. But one shows her that their true nature is to test the limits and mess with the balance.
Will she be able to stay strong and save the humans?
And what will she do when she finds the way to protect them means subjecting some of her own to a horrible death?
She must choose between her two worlds. Which is the right choice?

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