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College writing projects are an important part of academic studies. They allow students to hone their writing skills, do individual research and format their papers accordingly. However, students are often bombarded with multiple projects, tests, deadlines and other activities simultaneously. Finding a good balance and keeping your health and sanity can sometimes prove challenging. Paper

need a new title.

since i’m done with the first leg of my journey … writing a novel and becoming published, i figure it’s time to figure out where this blog’s headed and what to call it. (not the web address … just the title and description) also, i’ll have an actual, real website up soon. the weebly one

Help:: Does Anyone Know This Picture???

If you have ever seen this picture anywhere or know who made it or where I might find who did, please email me!!!   I need to find out … I’m desperate lol Thank you!!!   p.s. also, if you have ANY idea how to get work done when Shadowfever is sitting right next to

Found it!! :D

Yay! Now I just have to wait to hear from the artist. Her deviantart page says her stuff is there to offer for use, so we’ll see…. K, that’s all for now. Off to do dishes & then read Shadowfever  

My New Pitch.

the hook:: Visions of another dimension usher a young woman through an adventure of immorality, virtue, and self-discovery. * * * the pitch:: Alexis has always experienced intense dreams. They used to be all sunshine and rainbows, but lately they’ve entered a much darker, depraved realm. The dreams are actually visions, intended to prepare her